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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Company Profile: Intel

Question: Do bots affect high tech companies too? Answer: Yes, even high tech companies fall prey to these crimes. Today we have Intel squirting out botspam with the best of 'em, in a very recent infection somewhere on their network.

A trio of IP addresses, all with no reverse DNS, have been firing off stock pump and dump, viagra, and home loan spam the past few days - the first of this run being spotted on April 29th.

All are routed via origin AS 4983 INTEL-SC-AS - Intel Corporation - the first being domestic, and the later two routing to approximately Haifa, Israel.

Previously we'd spotted shooting out Cialis spam back on April 21st, but the good folks at Intel shut it down within half a day - so hardly worth mentioning. But this run seems to have lasted 8 or 9 days since inception (with nothing in the past 24 hours, so hopefully they've nailed it already).

My favorite piece of garbage sent from this batch of Intel spam brought the following title -

Subject: Gimme your thoughts on this

Indeed, gimme your thoughts...

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