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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Company Profile: Affiliated Computer Services

We started our tracking project for Affiliated Computer Services on March 10th. It took about a week to catch our first spam from this company which does BPO for numerous corporate clients. On the 18th we received an offer soliciting Russian Lovers from better known as This single machine sent us 96 additional spams over the next few weeks.

The flow began as image spam touting various pharmaceuticals and masculine enlargement techniques. Eventually the content changed to Hooudia diet supplements and OEM Software. It wasn't until the 23rd of March that really started to spew however. This address then delivered us another 174 spam on similar topics plus a stock pump-n-dump pushing CWDT.OB (yahoo charts)

The interesting thing is that during the time the Affiliated Computer Services computers were filling your and my inboxes with stock spam, the stock for CWDT did actually swing back and forth. There has been a fair amount of research into stock touting and its apparent effectiveness. Meaning that the spam emitting from Affiliated Computer Services might have played a role in some investor loosing their shirt purchasing CWTD. For more information on stock spam touting see Spam Works: Evidence from Stock Touts and Corresponding Market Activity.

These two ip addresses continued to spew until the 16th of April. All in all we received almost 300 SPAM/UCE from ACS. Between the Stock spam or the genital enlargement it's hard to say which is most bothersome.

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