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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Clear Channel

In our effort to bring attention to the facts that many corporations unknowingly send SPAM we bring you an analysis of Clear Channel. Every day we receive many legitimate emails from Clear Channel touting radio and TV stations with titles like Newsradio 850, KOA Traffic Alert or Free Money - Free Trips as well as loads of concert updates for every major metropolitan area of the United States.

Back in March, we started getting titles like Best Prices on Medication mixed in with our KOA Traffic Alerts. We first noticed image based Pharmaceutical spam from on 03/12/2007 advocating Viagra and HGH. Similar spam arrived from another Clear Channel address,, this time from Europe. These compromised machines appear to have been cleaned up as we haven't see anything from them for nearly 2 weeks.

On March 29th however, we noticed pumping Pharma spam with joining in just a few minutes later. This particular infection ran much longer. These two addresses were responsible for delivering some 212 spam email to our traps. Then around April 4th we received Mortgage spam notifying us of our load acceptance for $396,000 - we just need to click here.

On April 10th, stared sending us OEM spam pushing Adobe and Microsoft products.

In summary it looks as though Clear Channel has a continuing problem with infected computers pumping SPAM advocating Illegal Pharmacies, Unlicensed Software, and Identity Theft. It's not that Clear Channel is different from Intel, Best Buy, or Bank of America. All these companies have had botnet activity on their networks in the last 30 days. The point is that a great many companies have been hit by these problems.

The differentiator is whether a company cares, what they do about the problem, and how fast they clean it up. Nobody expects security to be flawless - but our internet shouldn't be Unsafe at Any Speed, and especially not from organizations that have the resources available to address the problems - Once Awareness of the Problem Exists - hence our blog and DOA list.

FYI, Clear Channel delivered over 2,000 emails to our traps in under 45 days - only 10% of which was botnet SPAM. But it's that 10% that's making our internet an unsafe place to be. The question is - what are you going to do about it?

OrgName:    Clear Channel Communications
OrgID: CCC-111
Address: Clear Channel Worldwide
Address: 20880 Stone Oak Parkway
City: San Antonio
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 78258
Country: US

NetRange: -

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